This is a drywall ceiling repair project example following a plumbing leak in the 3rd-floor bathroom of a very nice condo in Ft Lee, New Jersey. The large and neatly cut hole was made by ServPro remediators on that floor and the garage and bedroom below.

Since this property was built more recently, it was constructed with drywall and not plaster/lathe. The living spaces had 1/2 inch sheetrock and the garage had 5/8ths. This Bergen County, NJ ceiling repair project took less than 3 days to perfect.

 After the Ceiling Repair

Drywall Ceiling Damage

Many things can cause large and small holes in your ceiling. And from water damage to physical damage to seam cracks, your ceiling can suffer all kinds of destruction. These days, ceilings are made out of drywall and are much like any other wall in your home or office.

If it's just a hole you need to repair, you can patch it using a drywall ceiling repair kit, or by hiring a professional. If it is a larger hole or a large area of damage, you may need to remove and replace the entire drywall panel. Patchmaster can help you with any type of drywall ceiling repair project you have.

If you need your New Jersey ceiling repaired, request a quote today.